I’m Stig Leschly, the CEO of Match Education. This blog contains my own views alone on education practice and policy, not those of Match Education or its employees.

I’ve been involved with Match Education for about 13 years — for seven years as a board member and as CEO since 2011. Before joining Match, I started and ran the Newark Charter School Fund and taught education and entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School. Way back, I was a dot-com entrepreneur. My first job in education, at 23, was as an assistant principal in a Catholic school in Harlem.

We do four things here. We run a public K-12 charter school in Boston (Match Charter Public School). We run a graduate school of education that prepares rookie teachers for work in high-need schools (Sposato GSE). We run an alternative college and jobs program for low-income students (Match Beyond). And we share our ideas and practices with the world (Match Export).

Assorted personal facts: I moved to New Jersey from Denmark when I was nine (the Danish part explains my weird name). My wife and I have three daughters. The first thing on my mind when I wake up every day is espresso – I really like it. I am a big soccer fan.